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African American woman blowing out candle


Chocolate Girls® & More uplifts women and girls and empowers them to be their greatest selves through promoting mental wellness and self-positivity.



Chocolate Girls® & More, an extension of Chocolate Girls®, Incorporated, was created to promote and encourage prioritizing the wellness and wholeness of Black women.

As a therapist, I've learned that we have difficulties prioritizing our mental health and wellness, setting boundaries, and maintaining a positive self-image. I am a witness to constantly working DAILY on all of these parts of my identity.  Chocolate Girls® & More is more than products, but provides educational resources to assist girls and women ages 8 and up to prioritize self-care by meeting their basic needs, but also by going deeper to meet their emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual needs.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the message of Chocolate Girls® into Chocolate Girls® & More. I personally believe that your words have power and can change your reality, hence why the main candles are named after affirmations and the shirts have intentional messages. I want you to be surrounded by positive words of encouragement with the hopes that every time you light that candle or wear the shirts and accessories, you are reminded of who you are. 

Let us help you uplift, empower, and promote you!


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